“Our Imperial Pumpkin Stout is deliciously roasted with dark chocolate and toffee notes with a hint of smoke and a little spice from the hops that five it a pine note. 10.6% ABV” – Crown Valley

“Crown Valley Brewing brings us ‘Imperial Pumpkin Smash’.  Pumpkin meets stout and hybridizes into a really damn good beer.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw it at the store.  It’s not what I intended to buy, but it’s certainly what I knew I needed to buy when I saw it.  The only problem, it was 1145 am and I had a lot of work to do before it was time to sample this gem.  Now for the review.

The taste is phenomenal!  The most overwhelming taste is a deep smoky pumpkin flavor.  This is exactly what you look for in a pumpkin beer, but often fail to get.  I’ve never had a pumpkin beer that has a smoky flavor, but again, this is what you expect when you drink a stout.  I love the combination.  I also detect some nutmeg and maybe some allspice, with a presence of an overall sweetness mixed in. “   Review by FitzBrew