As its name suggests, this Pilsner does not like to be categorized. Inquiring whether it is a German, Czech, Bavarian, American, or any other style pilsner will result in an impatient sigh and the explanation that the whole philosophy behind this pilsner is that it does not fall into any categories. True, it is brewed with traditional ingredients (soft water, pilsner malt, saaz hops, and German yeast), but it is the way that these ingredients interact, and the characteristics of the yeast, that cause this particular pilsner to defiantly stand alone. The assertively hopped Freestyle pils exudes the flavor and the aroma of the classic Saaz hop (a tribute to “the original” pilsner), while maintaining enough body to balance but not overpower this hop’s pleasant, spicy tone. An unhurried lagering process so frequently overlooked by American craft brewers is strictly adhered to in the production of Freestyle, which makes this beer by far the most light, clean, and quenching beer in the Santa Fe Brewing Company’s line up.


2013 Silver Medal, Golds, Blondes, Pilsners & Light Lagers Category, AmeriCAN Craft Beer Festival, Chandler, AZ
2012 Bronze Medal, Craft Lager & Small Batch Festival, Manitou Springs, CO
2011Best of the Rockies/Southwest, US Beer Tasting Championship
2010 Silver Medal, NM State Fair
2009 Bronze Medal, NM State Fair
2007 Silver Medal, NM State Fair


Malts: Pilsner, Vienna
Hops: Hallertau, Saaz
Yeast: House Lager
Alcohol Content: 5.5%