New Holland White Hatter

New Holland White Hatter – Beer of the Week

White Hatter beer, New Holland Brewing Co., flavorfully blends the soft malt, fruity esters and delicate spicing of a Belgian White with hoppy citrus notes of an IPA. Pleasant hints of orange are framed with chamomile, coriander and grains of paradise.

Belgian-Style W.P.A.


Alcohol by Volume:  5.5%

IBUs: 52

Pairings: fish, grilled chicken, hard cheeses
Burger of the Month

Spokes “Just Maid-Rite” – Burger of the Month

A loose meat sandwich of specially seasoned Crown Farms ground beef (8 oz.) sautéed with Crown’s Organic Farm peppers and onions.

Served on a Kaiser roll and topped with fresh jalapeno slices also from Crown’s Organic Farm. Your choice of chips, fries, House made Cole slaw or sweet potato waffle fries.


Because of the nature of this sandwich, there will be no Bison option.