Main Street Blonde Juele – Beer of the Week

This beer is a great example of the blonde ale style. It’s a little lighter in the body, but other than that, it’s nearly a word for word description of what the 2015 BJCP Guidelines define as a blonde ale. There are no flaws and it’s supremely drinkable. This could easily be a summer beer that you could (and probably will) crush.

ABV 4.5%


Spokes Gyro Burger – Spokes Burger of the Month

6 oz. Crown Farm beef patty, topped with Gyro meat strips, shredded lettuce, diced tomato, diced red onion, Tzatzik sauce and Feta cheese.

$9.49 (Bison-$11.49)

Make it a Beef Double-$11.49 (Bison Double-$13.49)